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Plantation Shutter Parts - Build Your Own Shutters

Visit The Shutterplus Plantation Shutters Store for all your shutter parts, hardware and fixings. Available to buy NOW, securely online, with next day shipping!

Plantation Shutters can go from looking great to not so good in a short space of time. All it takes is just one missing louvre staple or a broken louvre to turn your beautiful shutters into an eyesore. What is a shame is that most people will live with this unsightly shutter not knowing that fixing it takes just minutes and can be accomplished by the average homeowner.

Plantation shutters are meant to last a lifetime and like any other product that lasts this long, they may need maintaining every so often.

In our experience, you may only have two or three problems over the course of a lifetime and they are all very easy to put right;

  1. The louvre and tilt rod become disconnected. When this happens you simply need a replacement staple either in the louvre or the tilt rod.
  2. Broken louvre. If you've got a broken louvre, you'll need our specially designed louvre repair pin. The pin is spring loaded and allows you to pop the louvre back into the panel. If your louvre is broken beyond repair, you will need a replacement louvre. Contact us and we will arrange one for you.
  3. Floppy louvres - Your louvres don't stay in the position you set them in. The reason this is happening is because your panel has lost it's tension. Most manufacturers use tension screws or springs to add tension. If after tightening these the problem still isn't solved, you will need some tension washers to place between the end of the louvre and the stile.

All these parts are contained in our shutter repair and shutter tension kits along with full instructions.

Shutter Repair Kit

The shutter repair kit costs £14.95 plus delivery and can be purchased securely online from our Shutter Store.

Also available in our online store are shutter fixings, hardware as well as off-the -shelf Velux plantation shutters.  Drop in and take a look!

Shutterplus Plantation Shutter Store


Make Your Own Shutters

We make it easy for you to make your own plantation shutters from scratch. Visit our online store where you will finf all the wooden shutter components you need, as well as louvre pins, staples, etc.

Check out our unique Shutter Design Wizard which will draw up your specific cutting list in seconds and itemise the cost of each component. It even produces detailed shutter drawings!

Simply enter your window dimensions and the calculations are done for you!